July 19, 2010

Getting Tech-Savvy with Pixels

Camera phones flooding the cell-phone market have not only become the latest style fad, these days a camera in your phone in an indispensable feature, as the resolution of the camera increasingly becomes a status symbol. Quite unsurprisingly then, with the advent of technology and growing demand for advanced gadgets, the camera in the cell-phone has now begun to challenge and surpass digital cameras, providing equal and sometimes better clarity, resolution and other features.
The launch of phones like NokiaN8, and the most celebrated phone of the year Apple iPhone, has set a high standard for the camera phones. With stunning models and astonishing camera features, the average customer looking out for a mobile phone with a camera is helplessly, and quite understandably, spoilt for choice.
The Apple iPhone Camera
Apple iPhone, particularly has been creating uproars for the camera-lovers. Being acclaimed as one of the best camera phone, it has a 5 megapixel camera, and as astonishing LED Light feature which helps a great deal in case the surrounding light is dim. Adding to this a video-recorder which possesses the feature to record in high definition at a rate of 30 frames per second, the camera is just the fantastic treat for those with a fetish for quick snaps and videos. However, what makes the camera of the Apple iPhone completely stand apart from other phones is the touch-to-focus feature, which is artificial intelligence at its best, by providing the user with an easy-to-follow method by touching to modify focus and colour contrast.
Bluetooth Headset and how to choose one
Another gadget that has enormously gained popularity both for its chic style and functionality is the Bluetooth Headsets. Essentially, these headsets are wireless, provide the user with the ability to talk while driving or doing an important chore without using the handset (mobile phone), and are hence of much utility. Apart from the basic features of picking up and hanging calls, these headsets nowadays encompass various other options like redialling the last number, and even connecting the web.
High-tech Features
Many models like the Voyage Pro by Plaintronics are advanced up to the level that they have features to reduce the static noise due to the wind, while others, for instance, Sound ID 400, offer basic functionalities like dual-microphone noise cancellation.
Multipoint technology is now being used in many of these headsets, which allows the user to simultaneously connect to two separate mobile phones. Discovery 975 by Plaintronics provides this feature.
Making a good choice
The primary concern, clearly, is the sound quality, which matters the most to the buyer. With a plethora of options available, it is hard to decide which Bluetooth headset to choose. Factors like how much one would use it, its simplicity, weight, cost and questions like whether it can be worn with glasses, are the control buttons not too complicated can be asked in the course of making a correct choice.

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