May 20, 2008

Can I Over CLock These

overclock... Rolling Eyes buddy
this will roll out your warranty
and your card is not evga
also you cant even change the stock cooler
changing the same will void its warranty

well you want overclocking then you need atleast
overclocking software check guru 3d and
a cabby with least 4 120mm fan -rear -front -side -top
smps with least 600watts with efficency 80+ thermalright ultimata 120 + artic silver thermal compound thermalright vga cooler Graphic card compatible
enjoy gaming Mr. Green Mr. Green
You can OC ur proccy... but u won't feel much of a difference in real world applications... u can OC it just to boost up you benchmark scores like super-pi, 3d-mark...
there are so many article out there on the web for overclocking... read as many as u can until u understand the risk and benefits...
yes you can OC that proccy to an insane 4GHz on air cooling...
Goodluck for your firs OC
Have a look at [H] article,
I would recommend you read EXTENSIVELY before you even THINK of overclocking. Here is a guide to get u started:
Do not think tht this'll suffice. Read till you know everything (or almost) and only then try ur hand at this.