July 26, 2008

We love bollywood songs, But where to download them?

Online Music Portals lets you listen to your favourite songs, create playlists and even download content. All of us(Indian and I songs lover) want the latest Bollywood songs in our MP3 player, ipod, PC, MAC, Mobiles.......
But we have to search for it on google for downloads, still sometime(Most of the time) we don't get the downloads, we may find it but it needs our Credit cards, which is not safe. while downloading the songs from some sites , you may also get nudity, trojans, or say virus. The site I am reviewing here are free from these. And Ya! These Hindi songs sites lets you listen, create playlists, download Bollywood songs or say hindi film songs For Free !

First Songs.pk Best for - Everyone
It provides music in three languages mainly(Hindi, Pakistani, Punjabi, Indipop and remixes) and various options like Bollywood Reviews, Sms Messages, Fungup.com, Image Hosting, Upload.pk. etc.
Dload- Direct download, fast dloads. *.mp3 format Rating- 5/5

Second Dhingana.com Best for - who have Unlimited Broadband connection
This Music website is a great place to have 'Dhingana'. No ads while listening, clean and simple interface and user freindly. No downloads Direct Online Audio streaming(Only listen). They provide music in hindi, Tamil, Marathi and Punjabi presently and also provide options like ghazals, Devotional songs, pop, oldies and Remixes. Thier Flagship features are smartlists and mgreetings. Dhingana lets you create unlimited number of smartlists.
Dload-Direct Online Audio Streaming, Reception is fast and clear. Rating-4/5

Third music.masti4india.com Best for - Regular Downloaders
Its a small hindi music Portal., very simple inerface but too much ads. Best for Regular Downloaders, Its main page only contains the latest Movie link , rest of the content You have to search through there Custom google search
Dload- Direct download, fast dloads. *.rm format Rating- 3/5

There are many more sites out there, for this purpose, BUT These above three are The best.This review proves this.

* Tip-To Get more Links of Bollywood songs By just searching for these keywords- bollywood songs, hindi songs, Bollywood music in Google.com
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July 25, 2008

Popular Social Networking Sites Around. orkut,bigadda,myspace,facebook,hi5,WAYN,fropper.

Social Networking Has reached new high in recent trends. It is considered the most pass time activities and has also given yougsters a chance to express and share experieces. Here are some social networking sites around. Through this post you can know -which one is for you?

Orkut has been flourishing among users globally, especially in India. The site has undergone some major changes and developments in recent times that has increased the functionalities and attracted even more people to sign up. Orkut communities are very famous and are useful for promotional activity and as discussion forums, A new feature on the site is the addition of profile themes.

Bigadda is most famous INdian social networking site. It adds an indian touch to the conventional design and structure of a blog wth features like creation of "addas" (groups) and localized music and videos . You can upload your images to share them with your contacts.

Myspace is among the most popular social networking sites Globally. It is known for the amazing themes that can be used on the profiles that are created . The site can also be used for promotion of music artists and designers . Music and images can be uploaded on the site and can be later shared with your friends. Other MySpace features include: MySpaceIM,
MySpaceTV, MySpace Mobile, MySpace News, MySpace Classifields, MySpace Karoke and MySpace polls and many more...........


Facebook has otugrown most social netwrking sites and has made its place in most user's free time musings. It stands as the most feature rich social networking sites since it inculdes applications, chat, groups, photo blogs amd many other features. You can catch up with old school buddies and participate on varous surveys on the site

Hi5 is a fun filled site that adds color and life to online socializing. It doesn't have extravagent feature or anything ; it's simply the ideaof making friends and catching up with old buddies. you can join variuos groups and discuss on common topcs. Like most other social networking sites you can develop a blog and uplaod images toshare with your contacts.

Wayn is acronym for 'Where Are You Now?' It deals with networking of memebers based on thier geographical location. it provides you with facilities like a travel guide, a desktop guide and an online club for users to interact with one another. It also provides with image uploading and blogging.

LinkedIn ( is a business-oriented social networking site founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003 mainly used for professional networking. As of December 2007, its site traffic was 3.2 million visitors per month, up 485% from the end of 2006. As of May 2008, it had more than 24 million registered users, spanning 150 industries.

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July 15, 2008

Why not to have a self hosted blog, let it be externally hosted.

If you are new to blogging, you should not host your blog Your self ,let it be hosted on free sites like blogger.com, wordpress.com, Multiply.com, livejournal.com and many more.

>>Reasons <<

Continue to blogging or not.:

You don't know that you will continue to blogging or not . If you chose blogging as half time or full time job you should move to a self hosted blog, but if you are not sure don't take any stupid steps like Registering domains , buying webspace or etc. you should have a experience of blogging.

Blogs are easy to create:

You don't need expensive or complicated web editors or web design software to create a blog. Blog vendors offer you a variety of templates you can choose from. Most likely you will find among them one that offers the look and feel you're looking for. Your only web design expense may very well be to pay a graphics artist to design an attractive logo that makes your site unique.

Blogs are easy to maintain:

Blog software allows you to post online, which means that you won't need to bother with FTP software. This also means that you can post anywhere, not just from your own computer. You may be in a hotel room in China, and if it has an internet connection you can log in and update your website from your web-based control panel. Your blog's software will automatically move your most recent post to the top, while archiving older posts by date or by topic, so you don't ever have to bother to move web pages around.

Blogs are search-engine-friendly:

Since blogs assign each post an individual URL address, each of them will have it's own, separate web page. If you take care of making each post very focused on a specific topic and carefully choose the keywords that best describe your post (using them in the post title and post body), they will stand a very good chance of ranking well with the search engines. Also, since blogs tend to be updated regularly, search engines will crawl them often (search engines love fresh content), adding your new posts to their index.

Many great blog hosts are free:

There are several excellent services that offer blog hosting for free. The most well known of them is Blogger, a free blog service owned by Google. Signing up takes minutes, it offers many different templates and customization options, and also gives you the option of tying your blog with your Google Adsense account. That way, not only is the service free, but you can also make money. The downside to all these great advantages is that they have encouraged the creation of a huge number of me-too and low quality blogs that don't add value and hardly get any traffic. Don't fall into that trap. Before jumping to create a blog, remember that to be successful you must write about a focused and original topic, or offer a unique perspective on a common theme. In the end, as the cliché says, it all boils down to quality content.