July 19, 2010

The Future of Advertising: Webcast your message

What is Webcasting?
Simply explained, a webcast is a media file, which is broadcasted over the internet to various listeners or viewers. Leveraging the streaming media technology, which enables a provider to present his video or audio media over the internet, webcasting is the being called the next big thing in the advertisement industry.
The primary requirement in webcasting involved is the right software which converts the source file, or your video into the streaming format, so that it can be webcasted to viewers of the world via the Internet. Webcasting typically involves promotion of the sales or advertising videos and audios, which is why the net is buzzing with online services and companies, for instance, webcasting.com, which provides webcasting services.
Efficient Webcasting—the Know-how
However, there are some tips which the webcasting team should remember before going live. Since errors during the live session might be embarrassing or difficult to handle, the video must be thoroughly edited and viewed several times. To ensure that the videos actually reach the target people, the firewalls which might block these videos must be taken care of. Moreover, it would be convenient for the viewer if a large video is chopped into disparate parts, so that only the relevant version can be seen, thereby respecting the viewer’s time.
RSS Podcasting and Web-feeds: The Online Age
What is podcasting?
A podcast is basically a series of audio or video files that are released over the internet in the form of episodes. It is different from webcasting in the sense that podcasted files are not delivered to the user by broadcasting or streaming them. Broadly speaking, the data in a podcast is transferred by creating and managing a list of all the content related to a specific topic with the distributor. A user or a customer has to use a pod-catcher, which is special software, which enables him to go through the web feed, check if there is any new content, and download the content.
The meaning of RSS
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. The term syndication used is to convey the idea that the provider has syndicated the data. In the usual scenario, a user subscribes to this syndicated data. The terms RSS feed and Web feeds are used interchangeably. RSS podcasting is the latest fad in the online age.
Many websites these days used web-feeds, like azcentral.com, with the RSS podcasting becoming suddenly and immensely popular after the launch of iPod. The subscription these sites are usually through iTunes, which is the most popularly used pod-catcher for downloading new or updated podcasts.

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