July 29, 2007


Beginners Techsters

  • Get Windows XP, Vista Explored, Do it self.

  • Join Some Good Computer classes For Ms Office ’07; OS; Internet Basics-Email, Browsing.

  • Updating is the main funda, so keep updating your Tech knowledge.Thruogh- -Reading Tech Contents from Blogs, Sites. -Discuss or share on tech topics in forums on sites like Orkut.com, zebo.com, facebook.com.

  • Be original don’t copy the content. Show your Creativity, It’s a good habit of a techster.

  • Play Casual, mid games, it will increase your knowledge on graphics.

  • Have View of hardware of PC, Mp3 players, Mobiles, Etc.

  • Read Tech Magazines, blogs.

July 24, 2007

Crashed iPhone On Display At Apple Store

Photo of an crashed iPhone (terminal showing errors) on display next to an iMac at the Apple Store. Photo taken, of course, with iPhone.

Photo : http://poopforbrains.com/2007/7/23/crashed

July 1, 2007

Forget about the WGA! 20+ Windows Vista Features and Services Harvest User Data for Microsoft

Are you using Windows Vista? Then you might as well know that the licensed operating system installed on your machine is harvesting a healthy volume of information for Microsoft. In this context, a program such as the Windows Genuine Advantage is the last of your concerns. In fact, in excess of 20 Windows Vista features and services are hard at work collecting and transmitting your personal data to the Redmond company.

iPhone Disassembly

Right now, the people from are disassembling an iPhone in a live photo stream.

iPhone first hands-on and unboxing

New Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer Launches

Title Says it all...
Video : http://grandtheftauto.yahoo.com/ http://www.rockstargames.com/IV/trailer_splash.html