January 21, 2008

The FRee Tree. -Freeware (Must haves).

Everyone likes freeware because it's easily available and quite useful too.We unveils some hidden inside the most exciting freewares available .

Spy for windows :xp-antispy 3.96.6
It takes care of some widows slip-ups. One need not to be an expert ti use this application.It is worth mentioning that this app. is merely few Kb in size.

Ace archiving:7-zip 4.56 beta
7-zip is a good option for uncompressing rar files.wINRAR IS BETTER KNOWN , But it's not free.7-zip is a free app. that has bot CLI (Command line interface) and GUI (graphical user interface.).

Efficient cleaner: ccleaner v2.03.532

CCleaner is a comprehensive maintenance program that remove file debris, oofline content and unwanted data files from the system it also clears traces of recently opened documents and websites.

The internet--------------------------------------------------------
SPy killer:spybot 1.5.1

Viruses , spyware and other malware are extremely harmful to a computer. Spybot is an effective tool for protecting yuour computer from such threats.

Auto Gordian knot
Auto Gk is a simple yet powerful tool used for convertin video files . it supports many formats and has a rich feature set.
thanks to an easy-to-use interface, a user will be at ease while converting video files, even if he doesn't have much knowledge about video conversion techniques and codecs.

Capture and send 1.5
This app. helps in capturing screenshots and emailing them instantly.

January 13, 2008

Office '07 1.43 MB only. !

"These Files Are For Informational

Purposes Only. Delete After 24 Hours."

Yes friends ! Here is highly compressed form of Office '07 .The file was compressed using KGB archiver.Smile

.Try it for yourself.

Download :

Code: http://rapidshare.com/files/83447896/ofk07.rar.html

note: if links are dead then just post a comment below.

U need this tool to extract the Game

Download KGB Archiver:



1. Takes a long time to decompress but 70% of the world still uses dial up and most of us don't have RS accounts.

System Requirements: min. 512 mb ram,; p4 cpu,; xp,vista.

its time taking.

January 1, 2008

Surf. Stalk. Get your credit card Stolen.........

Free spam !
95% virus Free

Search inside.........
The world wide web has been so funny ! go to :




"You'll laugh , you'll cry , yoo'll realise you didn't cry at all but simply laughed again."-Charlie Brooker.
Buy this net techie book , A must buy for techster.