February 21, 2008

IIT High scoring in 10th in CBSE ??......but how?

IIT - Introductory IT

How to score 100 out of 100 in 10 Th CBSE exams {IT}. Scoring above 90 is not a hard job for any one, but scoring 100 is a hard job, ones need a techie mind & thinking, not a ratuu Dimaag [cramming mind].

I have gone through CBSE Sample papers , Previous papers , Model test papers , many books containing CBSE content and I concluded that the question in all these above books and papers are same , but in different forms.
Stick to a single book or guide & make notes [chapter wise].

No need to go deep if you want score above 90, but if you want to score 100 %, you have to go to deep and dive with your techie mind into the tech world {book}.
Here are some.
downloads of sample papers , Model test papers , CBSE previous Year paper{including other subjects}--Download-Link #1:http://rapidshare.com/files/93611450/sample_paper_2008___prev._yr_Q.rar.html

If u got bored and get frustrated and want to get it out on someone listen these songs--

Download-Link #1:http://rapidshare.com/files/93615081/songs.zip.html

and after these get on it again../....................Best of luck.

"We are the best, rest are the guest."-sarv007 (SARVANSHU)

note - password for dloads - www.sarv007.blogspot.com

February 9, 2008

USB 3.0 V/s eSATA.............

Let's take a look at SATA or esata since we're talking about peripheral interconnected. The target speeds of USB 3.0 (4.7 Gb/s) will be faster than eSATA (3 GB/s). This means that instead of eSATA , USB 3.0 might become the talk of the town-so to speak.For instance , some currently available hard drive casings come in two flavors, some feature USB ports and some eSATA. ANd currently eSATA -375 MB/s--being faster than Hi-speed USB 2.0-60MB/s-is preferred for the obvius reason. However , after the launch of USB 3.0 and the current eSATA speeds, things may Change.
The winner yet to be decided........................to be continued,..........................

February 7, 2008

Latest Technologies Center Stage CES 2008

World's largest consumer technology tradeshow promises bright future amid uncertain economy.
The annual consumer electronics show in Las Vegas is a glitzy event where the best new products make their debuts. This year saw the launches of hundreds of gadgets and demonstration of some amzing technology that we're going to see in our offices and homes this year. This year's show was all about size and design-with products becoming either much bigger or much thinner! Here are some of the high lights of the show.

CES 2008: Panasonic's Enormous 150" Plasma TV Dwarfs All Competitors.

The opening keynote address from the president of Panasonic, Toshihiro Sakamoto, had one thing that Bill Gates' keynote yesterday lacked: A monstrous 150-inch plasma screen Panasonic calls the Life Screen. In Las Vegas and at CES, nothing counts quite so much as excess, so it looks like Panasonic has bragging rights for this year.

Video: Hitachi 1.5 LCD TV hands-on

What? Wasn't everyone ninja-spelunking the cavernous halls of CES 2008 this evening? For those who couldn't, here's Hitachi's 1.5 LCD TV in a silky pirouette just for your viewing pleasure. Funny enough, 1.5-inches never looked so chubby

Motorola z10 and rokr z8
Motorola has announced that it has updated it banana sliding Z8 mobile phone at CES in Las Vegas with the launch of the MOTO Z10. The new MOTO Z10 adds movie editing software allowing users to make movies as well as watch them on the go. Users will be able to capture high-quality video, edit clips, create transitions between scenes and add title slides and a soundtrack. Then, budding filmmakers can upload their creation to share with friends and family through any number of Web sites such as YouTube, Google, Yahoo! and ShoZu. The new mobile phone, which will still have a strong focus on movie watching will come with the same 2.2-inch QVGA screen that displays video at 30 frames per second. New to the model is a 3.2 rather than 2.2 megapixel camera and support for memory cards up to 32Gb rather than 4Gb. The camera will retain its 3.5G HSDPA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity as well as the Symbian/UIQ software. The new handset will be available before March 2008.

CES 2008: Samsung P2 PMP has Bluetooth, Gets reviewed

Now I know that we’ve already covered this, but the difference is we actually have one now. In fact, it was given to SlashGear, and we had a Bullshit, you know, the card game, tournament with it as the prize.In fact, I am quite proud to write that I am the winner of that tournament and thus I got the pleasure of doing an unboxing video of the thing, which you will find below. I haven’t had it long, in fact I won it just before dinner, and when we got back, it was finished charging and I just finished syncing 4GB of music to it, and I’ve had some time to play with it.

Macbook Air

Introducing MacBook Air. The world’s thinnest notebook.

MacBook Air is ultrathin, ultraportable, and ultra unlike anything else. But you don’t lose inches and pounds overnight. It’s the result of rethinking conventions. Of multiple wireless innovations. And of breakthrough design. With MacBook Air, mobile computing suddenly has a new standard.

Macworld: Apple Announces Time Capsule – Wireless Backup Device

Time Machine is great. The new feature in Mac OS X Leopard lets you run backups without even thinking about it. Unless you have a notebook, that is. Plugging and unplugging cables is so 2007. Time Capsule is a new companion device for the Time Machine software. Essentially an Airport base station with a hard drive in it, the box has four ethernet ports and 802.11n WiFi.

February 1, 2008

Top 10 Entertaining Desktop PC For 2008.

It took me nearly half of month to get these Wolf out of there Cage. Aaaaaaaaooooooooo!
May be these are in your wish-list , but for me its must haves.I have gone through various sites, magzines, social networking sites to get them in front of you{*_*}.

1~ Commodore XX


Widows PCs are ugly brutes, but not so the commodore range. The XX sits at the top of the pile and like its lesser siblings; it’s available in hundreds of replaceable skins, from ultra cool to ultra gaudy.

· Main Specifications:

· Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad Core QX6850 3.0Hz, 8MB L2 Cache, 1333MHZ FSB

· Memory: 2GB Patriot Extreme Performance RAM 8500 1066MHz

· HDD Capacity: 150GB 10,000RPM WD Raptor Hard Drive + 500GB 7200RPM Raid 0 Configurations

· Graphics Card: 2 x nVidia 768MB 8800 Ultra SLi Enabled Graphics (SLI Configuration)

· Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate

· Optical Drive: 18x Speed DVD +/-RW

· Card Reader: 13 in 1 Memory Card Reader

· Audio: 8 Channel High Definition SupremeFX Audio Card

· Power & Cooling: 850W PSU & Ice Cube Cooling Device

· Motherboard: ASUS P5N32-E SLI (NVIDIA nForce i680) motherboard

· Networking: Killer NIC Gaming Network Interface Card

· USB Ports: 6x USB 2.0

The Commodore xx doesn't just blur the line between gaming and reality, it redefines it.

2~ 3XS Triad 8800 SLI

A Silverstone Black Widow Case houses an asus striker extreme n force 680i SLI main board, 2.93GHz Intel Core 2 Quad QX6800 CPU, 2GB of RAM , Two nVidia/XFX Geforce 8800 Ultra 768 Mb GPU, 1 TB of HDD .One for show-offs.

3~ Apple iMac

It’s out with the old and in with the new iMacs. The mooted touch screen never materialized, but you do get bags of style and plenty of power in asleek, space – saving design that has all the internals tucked in round the back of the screen.

4~Dell XPS 710 H2c

Comes with a factory over clocked (3.2 GHz) core 2 quad extreme QX6700 CPU, dual nVIdia Geforce 8800GTX GPU, 2GB of dual channel ram , 2X160 GB HDD, Ageia PHysix card,soundblaster X-fi Xtreme and 30in 3007WFP-HC monitor.

5~ Mesh elite Extreme QX G80

This 2.66 GHz quad core beast has an nvidia geforce 8800gtx GPU, Supplying lightening fast images to the bundled 22in monitor. For this price, you also get 7.1 surround sound system, Fatal1ty mouse and Logitech G15 keyboard.

6~Apple Mac pro

Apple has completed the intel-erisation of its range to create the Mac pro .A pair of dual core Xeon Processors nettle inside a redesigned desktop; twin optional drives and more front ports are only visual clues. The Apple store offers multiple build options.

7~ Aleinware Aurora ALX quad SLI

Try as we might, we can’t get the thought of quad SLI out of our heads ; four graphics cards chuntering away under the sculpted hood of this beast ; AMD Athlon 64 dual core CPU and up to 4 GB Of RAM . It’s enough to keep up at night, sweating.

8~Apple Mac Mini

Apple has upgraded its Minis to 1 GB of RAM. The lower spec box has an 80 GB HDD And!83 GHz Core 2 duo CPU , While the 500 pound option comes with a 120 GB HDD and a 2GHZ Core 2 duo CPU .The latter has a super drive . Both have wifi and Bluetooth 2.0.

9~Chill blast Vento OC

It’s been said you need to spend two grand to get to a powerhouse gaming PC. Chill blast disagrees. This Vento oc is stocked with a geforce 880 GTS GPU, over-clocked Core 2 DUO E6600 CPU, and 2 GB of RAM and 320 GB of HDD. Serious grunt.

10~HP TouchSmart IQ770

HP’s media-savvy touch screen creation dreams of living in an open-plan kitchen-diner, used as a giant digital post-it note for busy families, running coffee-morning photo slideshows, recording TV and playing it back og an evening. Very cool, but costly