April 14, 2008

XP's deadline is near i.e. June 2008???

Windows XP's deadline is near i.e. June 2008(may extend.)
what does it mean? *will MS stop the support for it? *it will be free for use , no license required or original copy(no crackin etc.). *Its end is near?
The following is a discussion embedded from forums(tech2.com),which revolve around our topic, by reading these you will get the answer to some extent.:-
1They wont be releasing Updates for it. And neither will they be making more copies for it for sale.
2so we can use it freely?
3Support for SP2 will last till April 14 2009.
As per Microsoft's posted timetable, the company will stop general licensing of Windows XP to OEMs and terminate retail sales of the operating system on June 30, 2008, 17 months after the release of Windows Vista.-wikipedia

So basically Microsoft will be shoving Vista down unwilling ppl's throats. Especially since most techies who prefer reliability and compatibility to "bells and whistles" still would like to stick to XP, they are "CREATING" a market by forcing everyone to migrate. The world's biggest douche bags.
On April 14, 2009, Windows XP will begin its "Extended Support" period that will last for 5 years until April 8, 2014.
Aint we lucky MS found it in their hearts to support us till 2014. How sweet!! Evil or Very Mad
4so they are indirectly telling us that... Vista was supposed to release on April 14th 2009? Laughing I don't think people other than PC non-abusers who use ONLY vista as their OS.. I enjoy daily surfing and stuffs using Vista and when it comes to DOING stuff, I go to XP Razz A Little bit of this A little Bit of That I say .

April 12, 2008

CeBiT 08 HOT Babes in cool Stylesss..... :-]

In CeBiT 08 ,babes helps gadgets manufacturer to grabes more attention towards The Gadgets.............

April 7, 2008

Toy for techie people from CeBiT '08.

The video is awesome as it is recorded
live ,no extra Graphix.
Jurrasic Pet responds to touch,its machanism is complex comprising of motors and sensors.Even eye lids are motor controlled.

Toys for techie People

April 5, 2008

The estimated value of www.google.com is: $1,948,448,468

I was just googling for Web-sites for checking Page-Ranking(PR) .I clicked on this link smartpagerank.com,i first checked google's page ranking (PR) ,it Was 0(Zero)!
I checked PR on other PR checking Websites ,on some sites -Google gots 10 out of 10 and in some it gets 0 out of 10 ?. Its a big question for People Who are just getting(familiar) to these PR Funda(thing).Any please answer this question.

The site smartpagerank.com also tells page
*Age of Domain,
*Directories-DMOZ,Yahoo Directory,
*Backlinks on several sites-Yahoo,google,AltaVista,AllTheWeb
*Indexed Pages
*Website Value $money$
Now Lets get back to topic The site tells Google.com For just $1,948,448,468.
is it a write value ?will google sell it on this price
These question To be answered by Some techie(hardcore geeks).
please do answer if you know .......

April 1, 2008

How to be techie ?

To be techie , you have to first realize that you are the only techiest person on the earth -hacker of hackers ,coders of coders, gadget guru, etc. With this attitude you can only be the techie one. with you have to be cheerful with others also.
Don't be over confident or cheerful. now what you have to do to be one of us ???what ???
Here are some tips to be techie.----
do comment to add your tip.

Tech Pills Package For
#Beginners Techsters
+Get Windows XP, Vista Explored, Do it self.
+Join Some Good Computer classes For Ms Office ’07; OS; Internet Basics-Email, Browsing.
+Updating is the main funda, so keep updating your Tech knowledge.Through- -Reading Tech Contents from Blogs, Sites.
-Discuss or share on tech topics in forums on sites like
orkut.com,zebo.com, facebook.com.
+Be original don’t copy the content. Show your Creativity, It’s a good habit of a techster.
+Play Casual games.
+Have View of hardware of PC, Mp3 players, Mobiles, Etc.
+Read Tech Magazines.
#Average Techsters
+Try some OS like Linux, Apple, and Ubuntu.
+Show you’re ability or express your view among tech, Gadgets, etc. By creating blogs, websites & posting good self written posts.
+Hardware Knowledge- familiar With Latest PC, laptops technologies, GPU, CPU, RAM, Mobiles, Mp3 Players.
+Discuss upon forums on sites like-Yahoo.com, Orkut.com, zebo.com or on blogs like- Labnol.org, ETC.
+Read Good Tech Magazines Related to PC, Mob, Gadgets, Etc. (On particular topic.)
+Dress like Techster Means is updated.
+Play high-end games.
#Extreme Techsters
+Create your own Web site for explaining your knowledge or sharing it.
+Join Computer classes for 3d animations, Programming.
+Read tech magazines as well as books.
+Huh! Why I am Telling to you, you know Better than me that what to do.
Now the funda is that you have to be career conscious