March 20, 2008

Google Wallpaper Search? its new service revealed.........

We all ways search for web sites of wall papers on google web search . You do found the web , but some time we may also get those spyware or kind of virus. the sites annoys us by dirty pop-ups , and some time wants $$money$$? , etc.
Now , there is a alternative ,it was there before but not revealed.......
Just turn on or jump to google image search. The task Doesn't ends here. You have to change the size for images to be searched. select large or extra large.images. And now google for your wallpaper. you have to see the size of image according to resolution of your desktop.

*1024 x 768 is the most common for crt monitors.
* 1920 x 1080 is the most common for LCD WIde screens.

March 6, 2008

What to look for in a Portable mp3 player ?

What to look for?

Portable MP3
  1. Capacity This should reflect what you are using the mp3 player for. If you want it for short term gym use , go for a small widget with solid state memory . If you want make "music collection on the move " a reality , go for a hard drive based jukebox . 1gb=250 songs.
  2. Size Portable is a very broad term. THe large hard drives are certainly pocketable but, when it comes to use for physical activities , they are trumped by the tiny , durable "sports " players.
  3. Compatibility Make sure your computer has firewire or USB 2.0, otherwise you could be in for a long wait when transferring files(syncing).
  4. Battery life Hard Drive jukeboxes will last around 10-15 hours, solid state mp3 player last longer .
Suggested models-
  • Apple ipod touch.
  • Apple ipod classic.
  • Sony Walkman NW -S205f.
  • apple ipod shuffle.
  • creative zen v plus.
  • creative zen stone.
  • sandisk sansa e200 series.