December 29, 2008

Different Page rank on Different Page rank cheking sites., Why it happens..?

My Blog[] Confuses me and several Page Ranking Checking Sites,why It happens?
My PR is 4…..and AlexaRank- 712037..
When ever I check Page rank on different Page Ranking checking Site I got different Results….
On i Got PR=0
on I got PR=4
And On i got PR=- N/A
Tell me why it happens….is it a pinging problem….???
Please help me..


  1. It's better to keep up with the Google's PR information which is usually available through Google Toolbar PR Button.

    enjoy :)

  2. Actually Google was updating its PR in recent days, so some websites showed older data while others listed recent data.
    I feel PR checker is pretty slow in updating to newer PR.

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