June 2, 2008

Tighten PC Security -For Windows XP

I am writing this post listening songs through my new 160 GB Ipod and SENNHEISER HD Head Phones.
So, some song’s lyrics may come between the post. Just jokin! J Let me keep aside my Head phones and Ipod. And continue with my post.

This post includes – Tighting your PC Security Through using Windows Tools(Not include any software-3rd party one)All the possible One’s are noted Below.

Tighten PC Security

Create a password for the Admin­istrator account. You can find the option under Start>'Control Panel>User Accounts.

"Password-protect your screen-saver. GO to-Settings.'Control Panel Display. Click the Screen Saver tab. Change Wait time 1to 5 minutes, and check On resume, password pro­tect. The password will be your user password.”

-Turn off file sharing in Windows Explorer. Open Explorer, click Tools Folder Options View. Scroll to the bottom, uncheck Use simple file sharing, and click Apply.

Turn off the Windows Firewall. Go to Settings» Control Panel>Windows Firewall and click off under the Gen­eral tab. Then, install a software firewall such as ZoneAlarm.

' Turn on Automatic Updates. Go to Settings Control Panel- Automatic Updates. Select the first option to have each update download and install automatically. If you want more control over the process, use either option two or three.

Install an antivirus program, turn on automatic updates, and set up a regular scanning schedule.

Install an anti-spyware app and run it on a regular schedule.

Turn on your browser's pop-up blocker. In IE 7, go to Tools Pop-up Blocker Settings, and choose the Medium option (this is the default, but it's easy to turn it off acciden­tally); to kill all pop-ups, select High.

0ptional: Set a BIOS password in your PC Setup application.

Optional: Increase your browser's security settings. In IE 6 or 7, click Tools' lnternet Options Privacy and move the slider to High.

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