April 1, 2008

How to be techie ?

To be techie , you have to first realize that you are the only techiest person on the earth -hacker of hackers ,coders of coders, gadget guru, etc. With this attitude you can only be the techie one. with you have to be cheerful with others also.
Don't be over confident or cheerful. now what you have to do to be one of us ???what ???
Here are some tips to be techie.----
do comment to add your tip.

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#Beginners Techsters
+Get Windows XP, Vista Explored, Do it self.
+Join Some Good Computer classes For Ms Office ’07; OS; Internet Basics-Email, Browsing.
+Updating is the main funda, so keep updating your Tech knowledge.Through- -Reading Tech Contents from Blogs, Sites.
-Discuss or share on tech topics in forums on sites like
orkut.com,zebo.com, facebook.com.
+Be original don’t copy the content. Show your Creativity, It’s a good habit of a techster.
+Play Casual games.
+Have View of hardware of PC, Mp3 players, Mobiles, Etc.
+Read Tech Magazines.
#Average Techsters
+Try some OS like Linux, Apple, and Ubuntu.
+Show you’re ability or express your view among tech, Gadgets, etc. By creating blogs, websites & posting good self written posts.
+Hardware Knowledge- familiar With Latest PC, laptops technologies, GPU, CPU, RAM, Mobiles, Mp3 Players.
+Discuss upon forums on sites like-Yahoo.com, Orkut.com, zebo.com or on blogs like- Labnol.org, ETC.
+Read Good Tech Magazines Related to PC, Mob, Gadgets, Etc. (On particular topic.)
+Dress like Techster Means is updated.
+Play high-end games.
#Extreme Techsters
+Create your own Web site for explaining your knowledge or sharing it.
+Join Computer classes for 3d animations, Programming.
+Read tech magazines as well as books.
+Huh! Why I am Telling to you, you know Better than me that what to do.
Now the funda is that you have to be career conscious


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