February 21, 2008

IIT High scoring in 10th in CBSE ??......but how?

IIT - Introductory IT

How to score 100 out of 100 in 10 Th CBSE exams {IT}. Scoring above 90 is not a hard job for any one, but scoring 100 is a hard job, ones need a techie mind & thinking, not a ratuu Dimaag [cramming mind].

I have gone through CBSE Sample papers , Previous papers , Model test papers , many books containing CBSE content and I concluded that the question in all these above books and papers are same , but in different forms.
Stick to a single book or guide & make notes [chapter wise].

No need to go deep if you want score above 90, but if you want to score 100 %, you have to go to deep and dive with your techie mind into the tech world {book}.
Here are some.
downloads of sample papers , Model test papers , CBSE previous Year paper{including other subjects}--Download-Link #1:http://rapidshare.com/files/93611450/sample_paper_2008___prev._yr_Q.rar.html

If u got bored and get frustrated and want to get it out on someone listen these songs--

Download-Link #1:http://rapidshare.com/files/93615081/songs.zip.html

and after these get on it again../....................Best of luck.

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note - password for dloads - www.sarv007.blogspot.com


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